Upcoming events

RepülésVilág (AviationWorld) conference – 28th March 2018
It is difficult to organize a conference about air transport on a national level, because on the domestic market foreign companies dominates in passenger and cargo transport. Those who work in aviation are closely connected to national systems, which are different from the international standards. We firmly believe that this segment needs a forum, where they can participate in iscussions with governmental  representatives in order to increase their competitiveness.

KözlekedésVilág (TransportWorld) conference –6th June 2018 (Wednesday)
The TransportWorld conference gives an insight to the “closed world” of public transport. The preparation for the domestic market opening is a primarily goal of the government, and this event is one of the forums of this discussion. The institutional environment for the lessening of bureaucracy means this conference’s essence. The market participants and governmental representatives, amongst the first, will have the chance to discuss the experience of this topic.

X. Baja Gabona Partner Meeting – 7-8th June 2018 (Thursday-Friday)
Bácska is traditionally the agrarian centre. The greatest agrarian port of Hungary is the perfect place to hold short and unique presentations about the participants own specialties, problems and proposals.  Before the campaign work, everyone can gather information about the harvest, the processing, delivery capacity, demand-supply and prices. It is an excellent opportunity for the participants to do personal negotiations with almost of their partners at once.

KözútVilág (RoadWorld) conference – Professional conference and exhibition
3rd October 2018 (Wednesday)
In road transport, a great amount of market participants have to face problems, really different from one another in everyday business life. To bring these on to the same level is almost impossible. So instead of a regular conference, we organize an event to the market participants, where several different needs and expectations are overviewed and tried to be answered amongst the involved parties – in strong  cooperation with the freighter trade’s representatives and the government.

NavigátorVilág (NavigatorWorld) conference –  Professional conference and exhibition
7-8th November 2018 (Wednesday-Thursday)

Freight forwarding is the logistical chain’s software, where the change regarding the expectations of the contractor appears first, to which the answer has to be find by the same people in cooperation with the freighter companies. The inevitable knowledge of the logistical chain’s operation changes quickly. This two-day-long event’s goal is to present the economic- and transport policy market environment which defines the cargo forwarding prices and quality.

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